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Muriel’s portraits are personal, intimate, informal.  Physical and character likeness are captured with a light touch. 


The artist spends time (2 hours minimum but the more the better) with the subject - chatting, drawing, taking photographs. The artist observes expression and body language. Following the sitting the artist paints the portrait in the studio. A second sitting may be necessary.



The subject can choose how to be represented so discussion is important at every stage. Drawings and photographs used for the portrait will be selected by the artist in partnership with the subject. If the portrait is of children, the parents are in the partnership too.



Prices include custom made frame. Each price is decided by canvas size and the number of subjects in one portrait and other specifics. Please note that a dog is as much a subject as a human. The price for each portrait will be negotiated depending on the estimated work involved.  To give an idea of what to expect -  a canvas size 26" x 24" with 1 figure portrayed would be around £2900; with two figures, the same canvas size would be £3900.  A canvas size 50" x 54" with four figures would be £9900. Other dimensions of canvas are of course available - these examples are to give an idea of costs.


Please note that the dimensions of the portrait are increased by about 9" x 9" once framed. 



Best quality hand crafted frame, is included in the basic cost

•Travel and/or delivery costs will be over and above basic cost



10% at the first sitting. The balance to be paid on completion of the portrait to the satisfaction of all

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